Tom Newton


Michigan Glass Month 2012

Title “THEN & NOW” a Stained Glass Exhibit

Tom Newton, Curator/Artist/Designer and Craftsman

THEN-This is an opportunity to experience a special collection of artifacts gleaned from Michigan’s first stained glass studio. The Detroit Stained Glass Works was established in 1861 and closed it’s doors in 1970. You will gain an understanding of the processes, techniques and skills of this ancient art. Follow the creative ideas from the initial artist’s sketches to the full size working drawings called cartoons. You’ll see a portion of the artist’s pallet of glass colors and get an idea of how antique styled sheet glass is hand made. View the unique tools used to make patterns of each glass shape and those used to cut and shape each piece of glass. Learn how details are added with kiln fired vitreous paints, stains, and enamels and see how they create the images, figures and symbols of a design. Check out the original equipment used to form the lead came channeling that creates a frame for each piece of glass and the old soldering tools used to hold the soft metal matrix together. You’ll have a better understanding and gain an appreciation for the precise steps and procedures required to create stained glass.

NOW-Experience several of my new and recent works based on traditional techniques and skills blended with contemporary ideas and applications. It is influenced by life experiences and interest. My design ideas may involve the inclusion of wood, stone and metals as part of the composition in an effort to find a relationship between these simple natural elements and the inherent beauty of glass. Repairs and restorations are also an important part of the projects that past through my studio.

Glass, as a medium, possesses a powerful, dynamic quality and unique beauty when viewed in ever changing natural light. Enjoy the exhibit. Tom Newton

Additional supportive displays by the Glass Academy of Dearborn and the Mich. Stained Glass Census of Lansing, Mi. are an important parts of this exhibit.

The “Then and Now” Stained Glass Exhibit dates are: April 1st -April 29th 2012.

It is located at the Gallery@VT in the Canton Village Theater,
50400 Cherry Hill Rd. in Canton, Michigan.

This exhibit is free and open to the public: Monday -Friday 10 a.m.-2 p.m., during public performances at the theater and by appointment.
The Gallery@VT is closed on holidays.

For more information call 734-394-5300 or visit the web-site:

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