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FDSdetroit is a thriving art business that celebrates the craftsmanship of American glassmaking by their diverse range of products, sculptures, and functional glassware. Using classical Venetian techniques, FDSdetroit is expanding the definition of handcrafted for a new generation.

Master Glass Blowers Chris Nordin and Michelle Plucisnky work together with their team of highly skilled craftsmen to bring their artistic visions to life in the unique, eclectic, one-of-a-kind sculptures they create for individual clients and corporate businesses.

Spurred by an entrepreneurial spirit Chris and Michelle, who met at College for Creative Studies, started their business Furnace Design Studio in a small industrial building in Detroit. In 2005, they expanded and created the Glass Academy in the current 15,000 square foot studio and gallery in Dearborn, Michigan.

Chris Nordin studied at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan where he learned glass as fine art. He began working in jewelry and metals but was drawn to the more difficult challenge of glass blowing. His time spent visiting the glass factories of Italy that inspired his art and is currently fine tuning his blacksmithing skills to merge with his glass work.

Michelle began work as a glassblower at Henry Ford’s Greenfield Village creating functional reproduction glass vessels, which served as a perfect complement to her fine arts education at College for Creative Studies and Alfred University in New York. She credits most of her technical abilities to the masters that taught her at Haystack School Mountain school of Crafts in Maine during her formative years as an artist.

Their current work can be viewed online via the web or in person, by appointment, at the Dearborn studio.

“It is our true passion to create such delicate treasures that carry such a rich history.  We feel so blessed with our learned craftsmanship and honored that we were able to create a sustaining business in this country that could grow from this Italian tradition.”


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