Michelle Plucinsky


I work with natural elements (seeds, sticks, berries)  for inspiration and because I love them, they bring me joy, and I feel their energy. I hang on to these items for awhile, until something new replaces them or I discard them because I want a new look or maybe the seasons have changed and the coloring has evolved into something different.

When collecting, I look at color, pattern, and shape and then when blowing glass, these ideas come back to me like muscle memory.  A subtle infusion intuitively comes thru me and becomes crafted by my hands into something in glass that appeals to my clients.

I firmly believe I was gifted with the talent of glassblowing along with an intuitive way to move with the glass, so I use my technical skills of glassmaking to mesh with my creative ideas producing beautiful works of art. I create environments that reflect forward thinking ideas.  My current series; Seeds is both literal (natural seeds) and metaphysical (ideas).  

Message in a bottle is a newer series that is a social experiment and continues to evolve as the project grows.

Most of the glasswork I produce is very technical in nature, even though sometimes it can seem simple in form. I have trained extensively, traveling all over the USA for workshops and classes, most of which were taught by great Masters of glass.  I have great hand skills to produce masterpieces in glass as I envision them in my mind, a skill most glassblowers wish to have yet few have the fluid motions needed to produce the elegant forms.  For me, the vessel is only the pretty container for the deeper meaning inside, and if the viewer is shallow in nature, they will simply enjoy the form for the beauty that it is.

I am evolving my next series toward much larger-scaled works that encompass multiple items to create an ongoing, community type installations.  I am reaching out to areas of health and wellness that understand the value of surrounding oneself with beautiful things for growth and inspiration, yet with visioning and meditation of ideas.

Passionate human being having a physical experience as an artist, writer and philosopher. I’m kind, fun loving and deeply interested in my souls journey in this time space reality. My artwork reflects these connections and resonates with others in similar situations or with similar ideas and viewpoints. Look here for stories of the work, the evolution of our business, my goal is to inspire and encourage all who watch, listen, or view my site.

Knowledge gained

Wisdom learned

Expansion happening

       That sums up my life at this current time. 


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