David Helm


David Helm
I am a sixty-something retired skilled trades auto worker who went back to school in 1999 at College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan to obtain a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree with a major in glassblowing. I have been creating with glass since the late 1970s. My first glass experience was a stained glass class. But, when I took my first glassblowing class, about 20 years ago, I knew I had found my true love. It is amazing that something as ordinary as sand and heat can be turned into great art. Everywhere you look around you in the contemporary life there is glass- in windows, light bulbs, insulation, computer screens and TVs.
The focus and intensity of the process are demanding as are the high heat levels. The slightest laps in the intense concentration necessary to create in this art form can cause failure of all your hard work and effort. However, the controlled flick of the wrist or puff of air in the pipe can make an outstanding work of art. At times, glassblowing is a team sport. At other times it in an individual journey.
Working with molten glass is an unbelievable thrill to those who have tried it, or observed a glass blower at work. The thrill and beauty of making glass objects is unique. Each piece focuses on the visual depth as the glass reflects, captures and magnifies light. I design my work to be colorful. Glass art is created through the trial and error process.
Glass is like royalty of the dark ages, insane, inbred and willful. At times in our history, glass has been valued more than human life. The artisans were treated as royalty, but murdered if they tried to share their secrets with others. You are limited only by your imagination, you can never say, “I’ve done it all.” I thoroughly enjoy sharing my glass fascination with anyone who is interested. It gives me a great feeling of fulfillment when a bond of appreciation forms with a stranger as I am selling a piece to them. My glass is made to be handled and enjoyed. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my glass fascination with anyone who is interested.


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