Member Spotlight: Strawesome

MILFORD, Michigan–March, 2014–Strawesome is proud to begin its 5th year in business continuing the same great mission of replacing single-use throw-away plastic straws with reusable glass straws to reduce the toxic health impact on our bodies, animals, and the environment.

It all began in 2009 when Daedra Surowiec, President and Artist, found a way to combine her love for art, her passion for health, and the desire to make a difference in the world. “One thing I personally love about my business is that it allows me to incorporate all these passions seamlessly, giving me joy and purpose in my work. I love it as much today as when I made my first straw.”

Daedra is thrilled that the growing Strawesome community is benefiting from her functional art and she receives frequent testimonials from people who say that drinking from a Strawesome glass straw makes a difference. Not only does it make beverages taste better and raises awareness of the harm of plastics, but it also inspires customers to have a voice in the matter – even if it’s just to share with a friend who asks about their glass straws.

“I’m frankly surprised of how well glass straws have been received, and that people around the world use a handmade product that I created. It shows how something small can be an effective agent for change and it humbles me to know I am contributing towards a better future.”

Recently Daedra and Strawesome were showcased on WXYZ’s “Mom’s A Genius” segment. Visit the Mom’s a Genius page covering Strawesome and Strawesome’s Michigan Glass profile page for more information.

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